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Open Enrollment 2020 with Big League Performance + Rehab.

Join us during Open Enrollment, and receive the Big League experience at a special rate. 

Take advantage of our discounted rates, offered exclusively to our valued current and former clients. 

Big League’s Open Enrollment Offers are available UNTIL:
All 15 available spots are claimed;
The 5pm deadline hits on Friday, November 22nd.
Whichever comes first.
Remember: at Big League, Movement Is Medicine. 
This is your opportunity to stay active and pain-free at a great value.

With Over Two Dozen, UNANIMOUS Five-Star Google Reviews, You Can't Go Wrong with Big League.

At Big League, you’re NOT defined by your abilities, and you’re NOT just an injury. You’re a person with goals, deserving of a team to guide you and hold you accountable.
When you join us at Big League, you are backed by a team that’s armed with the knowledge, expertise, and techniques to have you moving and feeling stronger, better, and faster than ever before. 
And, because no two clients are alike and not all injuries are identical, your customized strength program will be unlike anyone else’s and specifically tailored to YOU. Guaranteed.
Mike is an awesome PT. 
Being an athlete himself, he understands how bodies are supposed to move. I injured my knees and Mike quickly assessed my weaknesses and designed a program to strengthen leg muscles. 
About 2 months into it, I noticed my workouts were not painful anymore. I had almost forgotten that feeling, definitely a welcomed change for me. 
Thank you Mike!”

Dr. Mike did what other PTs couldn’t do. 


I’ve been to a half-dozen PTs to fix my lower back and knees, and, after getting the same list of exercises to no avail, I was beginning to get disillusioned. Could PT actually fix my underlying issues?

One of the other Crossfiters at DCF had gone to Dr. Mike for a shoulder injury, and he said that he was one of the few PTs who knows how to work with athletes and, especially, Crossfiters. So I reluctantly decided to schedule an initial intake.
Dr. Mike didn’t give me the same exercises that other PTs had–exercises that failed to treat my underlying problem. He took a look at the way my entire body worked together and identified underlying mechanical problems (in my case, it was how I breathe) that prevented me from using my body as efficiently as possible. We worked on breathing mechanics and teaching my body how to operate under tension. Some of the methods seemed unorthodox, but the proof is in the pudding. For the first time in six years, I can do all the Crossfit moves–deadlifts, cleans, handstands, etc.–without pain. 
Mike gets it. He’s truly changed the way I exercise. 
Five stars forever.”

Keep in Mind: Being PROACTIVE Is Better than Being REACTIVE.

Through our work with high level athletes and members of the military, we’ve noticed a common theme:

They are PROACTIVE in preventing injuries. They are not REACTIVE, only seeking help once they experience injuries. 
You wouldn’t drive without a regular oil change. The longer you put it off, the more likely your car could break down.
The same theory applies to our physical health. If we aren’t proactively focused on our well-being, we run the risk of suffering from preventable injuries that keep us from living healthy, active lifestyles.


Can we help if you’re hurt?  Absolutely, one hundred percent.

But why not train to prevent injuries in the first place? THAT’S the Big League Treatment.

Open Enrollment: How It Works

Our goal is to help you live a high-performance, pain-free life. 

We want you to continue to do the activities you love without injury.

But the question remains: how do we accomplish this?
With our “very particular set of skills,” of course.

Just like Liam Neeson, we’re on a mission:

To keep you MOVING and make you STRONGER

Our background stems from years of work with professional and collegiate athletes, coaching effective strength and conditioning techniques.
Maybe you’ve got a marathon coming up and you need strength training to beat your PR. Maybe you’ve been suffering from shoulder issues that are keeping you out of the gym. Whatever road block is in your way, we’re here to break down the barriers.
With Big League on your side, you have the power to set your intentions with a team to hold you accountable. You’ll come out stronger, overcoming both the physical and mental obstacles holding you back, and ultimately reach your goal: to live the fulfilling, active lifestyle you’ve always wanted.
No matter your physical goal, we can help you achieve it. But you have to commit to YOUR well-being first.
So, are you ready to accept your mission?

For Open Enrollment, We Give You The Performance Plus Plan: The Proactive Training and Therapy Solution

So, What's the Catch?

Because of limited availability, Big League can only accept 15 clients for this program.  Since we have worked with thousands of people in the DC area, this offer will move fast.


If you’re interested, don’t hesitate. These 15 openings will be gone before Friday.

Commit to prioritizing your health and wellness now: it might be the best investment you’ll ever make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Enrollment Perks!

Free Access to the Big League Performance Plan ($360 value)

Get full access to the Big League Performance Plan, an online program meticulously crafted by our doctors of physical therapy. As you follow the program four days per week, you’ll see marked results in your strength, physical health, and increased performance in your favorite fitness activities.

Traveling with no time to waste?  Away from your laptop?

There’s an app for that.


Work, family, and life in general takes us all over the place. The Big League Performance Plan app is on the move with you. Wherever you may roam, our app is a simple solution to stay on track with your training. 


Learn more about this revolutionary training plan here.

Open Enrollment Options

Check out the Performance Plus Plan and the Performance Plus Package.

Go Monthly or Buy a Package. 

No matter what works best for you, 

What are you waiting for? SIGN UP TODAY before it's too late!


Remember, this offer is only available for a limited time!

The deadline is 5pm Friday, November 22 OR once the first 15 clients enroll – 
whichever comes first!

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