What’s The Best Way to Squat

There’s a lot of debate about different kind of squats, which is better for back pain, hip pain, knee pain, building strength, etc.  So, what’s the difference among the three types of squats?     Low Bar High Bar Front Squat Bar position Sits on mid trap/posterior delts Sits on Upper Trap Anterior Deltoids HipContinue reading “What’s The Best Way to Squat”

How to Handle Hip Impingement

Got Pinching Hips? This is a common complaint from our athletes, they feel a pinching sensation and pain when squatting, deadlifting, going up stairs, running, doing ab exercises, etc. So, what’s going on here? It could be a hip impingement. The hip is a ball and socket joint, in which the head of the femurContinue reading “How to Handle Hip Impingement”

Improve Your Shoulder Health and Overhead Pressing

Everybody Loves a Good Arm Day You get your pump on and build those guns for the cut off tees. Far too many athletes experience pain when lifting overhead though. The shoulder is a mobile joint, allowing us to reach overhead, reach behind our back, lift a barbell, walk on our hands, etc, but withContinue reading “Improve Your Shoulder Health and Overhead Pressing”

The Truth About Kipping Pull Ups

It is impossible to post anything online about kipping movements without at least one comment about how they’re cheating, unsafe, or useless. Today, we will talk about their place in fitness.   Are kipping pull ups just cheating? No. As an example, I want you to consider the split jerk. The strict press relates toContinue reading “The Truth About Kipping Pull Ups”