Why Is It So Hard to Start Working Out Again?

“I want to start working out again, but it’s so much harder this time around.” “Why can’t I workout like I used to?” We hear this all the time, and we feel you! While the process to getting back to what you love isn’t always fast and easy, the reason that you’re struggling is. IfContinue reading “Why Is It So Hard to Start Working Out Again?”

The Myth Behind Shoulder Pain and Posture

We’ve all heard it time and time again: pull your shoulders back to get in a good posture to prevent pain. This has become so ingrained in our culture that there are ads all over social media for a device that tells you when you’re sitting or standing with “bad posture.” These beliefs about postureContinue reading “The Myth Behind Shoulder Pain and Posture”

You’re More Than Your Shoulder MRI

In today’s society we all want answers for what’s going on. We can google almost anything, including healthcare signs and symptoms. This often leads down the webMD black hole when it comes to healthcare. So, it’s not a surprise that the instant gratification of a shoulder MRI is what a patient expects when in pain.Continue reading “You’re More Than Your Shoulder MRI”