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Who Should See a Physical Therapist?

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Short answer- if you’re reading this, probably you.   Most people, including those in the fitness community, don’t really know what it is that we as Doctors of Physical Therapy, actually do.  Until recently, I think most people thought it was something their grandmother did, or only if you had surgery. If you get injured and don’t see a physical …

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High Intensity Interval Training- HIIT or MISS

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High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT took the number ONE spot on the list of major workout trends for 2018. This probably isn’t news to many, especially here in the Washington DC. . Benefits of HIIT classes include: Burning TONS of calories Boosting metabolism Time efficient workouts Make quicker cardiovascular gains than with longer, less intense workouts Can …

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My MRI Says I Have a Herniated Disc… Now What?

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Now WHAT!? Now Keep Moving!! When I talk with patients, friends, family members who all tell me about their MRI and “how bad their back is”, I’m always disappointed to hear that they’ve cut back or even completely stopped working out. “I stopped exercising because my MRI results show moderate disc degeneration in my lower back and my doctor told …