Big League Performance Plan

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Most training programs are designed to be hard…not intelligent. 

Getting people to do things that make them sore is 10% of what’s necessary to have a truly well rounded program. Here’s what makes the Performance Plan different:

• We take out all the guess work and build you a plan that just works… no matter your schedule, experience level, or access to equipment.
• We know your time is valuable. The last thing we want to do is waste it on things that aren’t incredibly beneficial for your health.
• We build you a program based on what actually works, instead of just theory.

Here's some feedback from our Pain-Free Performance Plan members.

"He has been an incredible asset to me as I continue to push myself in my workouts, and shows me every week that if I listen to my body I am stronger than I think I am. I am grateful to have Mike as a resource... - Gerri P

"The proof is in the pudding. For the first time in 6 years, I can do all the CrossFit moves-- deadlifts, cleans, handstands, etc-- without pain." -Sarmed R

"A treatment plan with gym and home exercises that combined mobility, resistance work, single leg training, postural work that have alleviated my pain and as a side benefit, totally improved my squat (and related movement/lifts)" -Deb G

Check out the video of Dr. Mike explaining the details of what the Big League Performance Plan actually involves:

The Pain-Free Performance Plan has three unique aspects:

What does the program look like?

Below is a sample of what one of the weekly workouts in our user-friendly app would look like.

Big League Performance Training Plan

Still have questions? See here if the Pain-Free Big League Performance Program is right for you:

There are a lot of sites out there that publish free and paid daily programming. Our partnership with a leading strength & conditioning software company allows us to do a lot more than publishing a blog post. We have a team feed, email alerts, workout tracking, exercises databases, video review, and much more. This program also saves you close to $300 a month in custom workout programming costs. We have taken the elements of what gives the best results and put them into one concise and affordable training plan.

Access is immediate! Your login and access information will be available after the checkout page. There will be a video on that same page that explains how you can access the training plan.

For whatever reason that you may have to cancel, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. Just send an email to info@bigleagueperformanceandrehab.com.

No! This program was designed to be done at home but can also be done at any gym including a CrossFit Box or Globo Gym (Vida, Golds, Planet Fitness, YMCA, Equinox)

We worked hard to keep the equipment requirement to a minimum. You should have access to the equipment below at any gym. We also provide links for recommended equipment on Amazon if you decide to join the training plan. All the equipment you would need can be purchased for between $100-150.

Male recommended equipment –1 heavy kettlebell (between 40-55 pounds) -1 light kettlebell (between 15-25 pounds) -1 green jump stretch band -1 purple jump stretch band -1 jump rope -lacrosse ball

Female recommended equipment –1 heavy kettlebell (between 30-45 pounds) -1 light kettlebell (between 10-20 pounds) -1 blue jump stretch band -1 orange jump stretch band -1 jump rope -lacrosse ball

This is pretty simple. Look better naked, move better than you have in years and get back to using your body for the activities you love the most. No more being winded going up a flight of stairs at work. No more avoiding hiking trips with your friends because you’re worried your knees won’t be able to handle it. No more struggling to tie your shoes because you’re barely flexible enough to cross your leg. This isn’t a training program. It’s a plan to create a better, more physically satisfied you.

Probably… but why would you want to? Wouldn’t you rather defer to the experts and learn what has already been proven to work? Also, when you program for yourself, you tend to just do the things you like or know. This isn’t a very effective plan and your results will suffer because of it.

The first monthly payment will happen on the day after your free trial is over, so email info@bigleagueperformanceandrehab.com anytime during your 14-day trial to cancel and your card will not be charged. You can always reach us at info@bigleagueperformanceandrehab.com with any questions you have.​

Big League Performance Training Plan
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