Making the Most Out of the Open

It would be impossible to talk about getting the most out of The CrossFit Open without acknowledging that for many people not participating is the best route. This has nothing to do with equipment, but rather everything that has happened over the last year with the CrossFit name. Greg Glassman and the CrossFit HQ fell short on acknowledging inequalities (let along taking real action), while the rest of the country was seeing a much-needed rise in public discussion about systemic racism. Glassman then broke the silence on twitter, and his tweet lead to massive outrage by a large portion of the CrossFit community. Athletes, sponsors, and affiliates spoke out to disaffiliate and distance themselves from the brand.

The outrage led to Greg Glassman selling the company. However, even under new leadership, there has been little done to actively become more inclusive. To find out more about what CrossFit has done, click here. Because of all of this, it is understandable that making the most of the open may look like NOT participating and giving money to the company until they show real change. We want to support all individuals and their approach to the open this year.

If you are participating here are some ways to approach the open this year.

Make it about community

If you have a pod, or attend a specific class time, do the open with these individuals. This can make it feel more like a typical open year.

Open with friends
Doing the workout (safely) with friends can make it feel like the typical Open workout!

Don’t Compare Yourself to Prior Years

This year has been hard for everyone. Some people have not had access to a gym for the majority of the year. Others have returned with masks. Some are seemingly back to “normal.” Unlike previous years, the circumstances will be different for every single individual. It is impossible to compare your performance to another person’s, or even your own performance in other years. This is why you should do it for fun, and nothing more.

Don’t Redo a Workout

Getting a better score from redoing a workout 2 days later doesn’t mean you’re fitter. If you’re not eying a spot in the quarterfinals and your goal is to continue being as fit as possible, avoiding redo’s and returning to normal workouts is the way to go.

Pace Yourself

This is easier said than done, but every year, thousands of people start hot out of the gate. You’ll better serve yourself by pacing, working to get faster from round to round.

Have Fun!

At the end of the day, having fun is the point of the open. For most of us, it’s to have fun, perform a workout with others, and to grasp an opportunity to push harder than a typical day in the gym. Use it as an opportunity to get fitter, learn about pacing, and have some fun!

Whether you’re doing the open or not, we’re here to help. If you find yourself with a nagging pain, an ache that won’t go away, or you’re having trouble leveling up, reach out and let us know how we can help you.

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