What We Expect From the 2021 CrossFit Open

The 2021 CrossFit Open is just a few weeks away. Due to the coronavirus outbreak that continues to impact our lives, the open will have an equipment free option. CrossFit also came out with a list of basic equipment that will be needed for those who want to participate in the RX or scaled workouts from home. The list includes:

  • A barbell
  • A box
  • A pull up bar
  • A dumbbell
  • A jump rope
We really miss doing fitness with friends, but we’re excited for this year’s Open!

So, what should we work on?

  1. Burpees. The only year a burpee didn’t show up in some form was 2011, so it seems likely that we’ll see them this year
  2. Double Unders. If you’re planning on participating with minimal equipment, double unders are likely going to show up. Here are some helpful tips for getting your double unders before the open starts.
  3. Box jumps. These seem fairly likely to appear, given their history in the open. Though, they could show up in the form of a burpee box jump overs. We also saw a box step up with a dumbbell in 2019.
  4. Toes to Bar. They make a pretty regular appearance in the open and they’re a good option for at home pull up bars that might lack space for things like muscle ups. Check out these videos to improve your toes to bar. 
  5. Thrusters. These are a staple in the open, it’s a good bet to practice both barbell and single dumbbell thrusters.

What are some lower ticket items that might show up?

  1. Handstand Push Ups. There have been both strict and kipping handstand push-ups. These are slightly lower on the list, given the fact that CrossFit noted the workouts could be performed at a gym, home, park, or open space. That being said, you just need a wall to perform them.
  2. Pistols. Pistols made their very first appearance in the open last year. Once a movement appears, it often comes back, so we won’t be writing pistols off. Especially since they are a highly skilled movement without the need for equipment.
  3. Snatch. This is lower ticket because it’s difficult to predict how they’ll be incorporated. We’ve seen the dumbbell snatch, squat snatch, power snatch, light snatches, and heavy snatches. They’re likely to appear, but it’s difficult to predict what they’ll look like.
  4. Clean and Jerk. The same holds for this movement as the snatch. It’ll likely appear in some form, but what form will show up is difficult to predict. 

What do we think won’t be in the CrossFit open?

  1. Ring muscle ups. We’re 100% sure of this one since rings didn’t make the equipment list. 
  2. Wall balls. Short friends rejoice! 
  3. Double dumbbell movements. CrossFit listed only a single dumbbell on the equipment list. Start practicing those hand switches!
  4. Walking lunges or handstand walks. These seem unlikely due to the desire to allow people to perform workouts at home, where there often isn’t enough space for walking movements.

All in all, the open, despite the equipment modifications, will likely be fairly similar to other years. There will probably be an event that tests your grip strength, one that is all about moving quickly and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, and plenty of people will do a skill for the very first time in their lives. It will also be more accessible, not just with the home workouts, but with the addition of an adaptive division. 

We’re looking forward to the open, and helping everyone reach their open goals. Let us know below how you’re prepping for the open!

Don’t know where to begin? Still dealing with a nagging pain that’s keeping you from prepping how you want?  We’re here to help!

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