Ep9 | Ralph Navarrete

Welcome back to another edition of Move The District Podcast!  I am joined by my buddy, Ralph Navarrete, who is a coach at Formula Running Center, a Lululemon Ambassador, and an endurance runner.  Ralph is an overall student of wellness and loves learning about new ways to help people reach their physical, mental, and nutritional goals.

Topics discussed:

    • How Ralph discovered his passion for fitness
    • Bridging the divide of movement and how we can promote the best version of people
    • How to avoid letting your impression of a professional blanket that entire industry
    • Understanding what opportunities are available to you at any given moment in life
    • How Ralph tries to cater to everyone in a group setting
    • Ralph’s top fitness industry pet peeve

Reach out to Ralph:

Via Instagram: @ralph.fitness

Via website: http://www.formularunning.com

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