Ep5 | Vic Williams: The Boxing Guy

Welcome back to Move The District!  Today, I have a really special guest on the podcast and I am super pumped that he took some time to chat with us!  He is Victor Williams, the director of operations for Nuboxx Fitness, and creator The Boxing Guy which is a combination of at-home virtual workouts that implement boxing and strength training.  We are pleased the have Vic on the podcast today and we hope you enjoy!

Topics discussed:

    • Vic’s early start in karate and where other sports fell into place
    • Making the career change from an engineering background to the fitness industry
    • How Vic always knew he would circle back to martial arts in some sort of capacity
    • Influences on Vic’s coaching development
    • Focusing on serving your clients and not getting lost in the weeds
    • The ideal Nuboxx Fitness member

Reach out to Vic:

Via website: http://www.theboxingguy.com

Via Instagram: @theboxingguy

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