Ep11 | Cami Wolff- Taking the Well-Rounded Approach to Wellness

Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of Move The District!  Today, I was lucky enough to be joined by Cami Wolff who is the owner of Canis, a wellness company right here in Washington, D.C.  At Canis, their mission is to optimize people’s health and overall well-being through movement, nutrition, mindfulness, and wellness related events.

Topics discussed on today’s episode:

    • Cami’s personal journey and how this drove her to start her business
    • The huge component of our microbiome and our health
    • Why people don’t realize they’re simply not eating enough
    • How cleansing isn’t just about changing your diet
    • Cami’s various corporate wellness programs
    • The ideal client for Cami

Reach out to Cami:

Via Instagram: @canis.with.camille

Via website: http://www.caniswithcamille.com

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