Ep10 | Jenna Weintraub, LGSW: Handling Different Emotions Surrounding COVID-19 and Exercise

Welcome to episode 10 of Move The District!  By special request, we are joined by Jenna Weintraub today.  Jenna is a licensed graduate social worker, currently works at The Dorm here in D.C. and Golden Life Counseling.  Jenna specializes in anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders.

Topics discussed:

    • Our collective experience of the current pandemic
    • How we can’t control what happens, but we can control how we respond
    • Ways we can separate work life from home life
    • How Jenna has handled her clients virtually and what this means for the future
    • Where mistrust in Healthcare starts
    • How we can break even with ourselves during this time

Reach out to Jenna:

Via The Dorm website: thedorm.com/dc

Via Instagram: @thedormcommunity

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