Ep4 | Tammy Whyte: Running Expert & Group Fitness Trainer

Welcome back to the podcast, everyone!  This week I am speaking with Tammy Whyte of Equinox and TW Training and Wellness.  Tammy is the owner of TW Training and Wellness which is her business that specializes in building stronger athletes through run coaching, strength training, and nutrition support.  Tammy is a proud University of Michigan Alumni and she definitely has a passion for wanting to help others achieve their health & wellness goals!  I hope you enjoy this episode!

Topics discussed:

    • Tammy’s beginnings and the influences that made her the runner she is today
    • The lifestyle changes needed to commit to training for a marathon
    • Tammy’s opinions on where someone should begin their new interest in becoming a runner
    • Tammy’s philosophies on running and how she implements this into her training programs
    • How Tammy handled her clients who had their races and marathons cancelled due to the pandemic
    • Who is the ideal TW member for Tammy and why

Reach out to Tammy:

Via Instagram: @tw_trainingwellness & @tammyruns50

Via website: https://www.twtrainingwellness.com/

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