Ep2 | David Magida: How Elevate Interval Fitness Is Doing Things Differently

Today’s episode will feature my very first interview on the podcast and we will be speaking with David Magida of Elevate Interval Fitness.  David is the founder of Elevate Interval Fitness, which specializes in HIIT, endurance, and yoga training.

David is a former collegiate runner that eventually moved up the world rankings in the sport of competitive Obstacle Racing.  He is also a founding member of the Reebok Spartan Race Pro Team, the author of  “The Essentials of Obstacle Race Training”, and the host of Spartan Race on NBC Sports, ESPN, and Facebook Watch.

We had a blast with David today and we hope you enjoy our conversation today!

Topics discussed:

    • What David has to offer at Elevate Interval Fitness
    • What made David take a full dive into fitness as a career
    • The goals behind the various programs at Elevate
    • The creative ways David’s clients have been training through the Covid-19 pandemic
    • David’s message to someone that may be on the fence about joining Elevate

Reach out to David:

Via website: www.elevateintervalfitness.com

David’s book: The Essentials of Obstacle Race Training


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