Who Should See a Physical Therapist?

Short answer- if you’re reading this, probably you.


Most people, including those in the fitness community, don’t really know what it is that we as Doctors of Physical Therapy, actually do.  Until recently, I think most people thought it was something their grandmother did, or only if you had surgery.

If you get injured and don’t see a physical therapist first, typically the first thing people do is go to their primary care doc or other medical doc.  Usually they end up seeing an orthopedic surgeon who suggests expensive imaging that can elevate fear but also can lead to unnecessary procedures. While that is an unlikely outcome for most people, it does happen.

Many times, people will wait a few weeks (or months!) to get their injury checked out.  For most injuries or pains, physical therapy sooner rather than later will decrease the time it takes to get you back in the game and decrease your cost.  A 2012 study showed that people who started PT within 14 days after injuring their lower back were able to save $2700!

But what about those that have had pain for 6 months… or 6 YEARS!?

Physical Therapists are movement specialists.  That means whether its walking down the street, picking your kids up, or being able to perform your fitness routine, we can help you!  The best results you’ll see is from working with us on how you move by correcting any dysfunctions and gradually reintroducing non-painful movements and load!

Case Example: A middle aged, male patient who does CrossFit with chronic shoulder pain for over 5 years!  Imaging showed a massive rotator cuff tear and labral tear.  His orthopedic surgeon was ready for surgery ASAP; just to be clear, this is a pretty severe injury so surgery is often first thing on the table.  However, this patient did not want to stop working out and wanted to try anything BUT surgery.  After 12 weeks of commitment to rehab homework, coming in weekly for hands-on work and a slow return to CrossFit, he was pain-free and beginning to have full range in his shoulder.  Now a year later, he has no shoulder pain and a new PR in his shoulder press. We focused on decreasing pain and improving function rather than harping on “fixing” the tear. It takes patience, dedication and active involvement from the patient—but it is possible!

Physical Therapy at Big League is different from your usual PT clinic:

– One on one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy
– One hour visits
– Skilled hands-on techniques
– Personalized homework- not just therabands and hamstring stretches!
– No referral needed

Bottom line- If you’re having pain with sitting, while you’re working out, or walking down the street, don’t wait for it to go away, and don’t let it take you away from the things you love to do!  Get assessed and the earlier to can address it, the sooner you can get back in the game!  Less time and money spent than the other options!

Your rehab shouldn’t just be about therabands and pelvic tilts- it should be focused on YOU and your goals! If you live in the Washington DC area, give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you! Click Here to book your initial evaluation!

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  1. Braden Bills says:

    My shoulder has been hurting a lot lately, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It makes sense that I would want to talk to a physical therapist! It would be good to talk to someone who can determine the extent of the injury. They would be able to see if I’ll need to have any procedures done or anything like that.

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