Learning to Squat- 6 Variation to Help You Perfect Your Form

The squat is a pretty important movement. Sitting/standing, bending over to pick stuff off the ground, the squat definitely has its place in just about all training programs.

Due to its functionality, the squat should be an integral part of any exercise program. That being said, it can be a tough move to learn. To avoid putting extra stress on other parts of the body, you shouldn’t just throw 225 on the bar and go at it.

If you’ve never squatted before, or don’t do it well, that’s ok, here are a few variations to help get you started!!

1. Wall squat- intro to squat, working on building quad and glute strength.

2. Squat isometrics- starting to find the balance point at the bottom of the squat with good trunk position.

3. Squat RNT- the band will pull the trunk forward forcing his trunk extensors to fire, helping keep me upright.

4. Bottoms squat iso- looking to control trunk position at the bottom of the squat.

5.Goblet squat to bench- keeps trunk upright and prevents hips from rising faster than the trunk.

6. Air squat- TADAAAAAAA

Try these out and let me know how you do!!

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